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Pure McCartney - VINYL


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  • 2 LP: Full concert - 17 tracks
  • DVD: Includes the full Concert Film on DVD Plus Bonus Featurette*
  • Voucher with download code for digital album in high resolution mp3, 320


A magical night at Vega!

Tim Christensen is a passionate Beatles and Paul McCartney fan, so when Paul McCartney turned 70, Tim thought it was an occasion well worth celebrating - with the back-up from his American friends, Mike Viola and Tracy Bonham and of course his own band The Damn Crystals.

The critics said:
***** From the moment Tim and co. started the concert with "Too Many People" sparks were practically flying from the musical interaction on stage. (…) All songs were performed with breathtaking love to the material by a band, who despite the bound assignment delivered with an impressing excess and abandoned swing, which I will assert that Paul McCartney's own band could learn something from. And yes, I do mean that seriously! (..) It was beautiful! And to you who weren't there: Yes, you missed out big-time. - BT (whole article: http://www.bt.dk/musik/fornem-hyldest-til-mccartney)
Can a copy be better than the original? That question posed itself, while the band con amore-worked their way through RAM. At the end of it all the answer must be yes. The simple reason being that tonight's band is way better than the expanded one man band that McCartney back then surrounded himself with. - Torben Bille (http://www.torbenbille.dk/kritik/gid-paul-fyldte-rundt-hvert-ar/)

Includes the full Concert Film on DVD Plus Bonus Featurette
* Please note that it is NTSC and not PAL!
Playing time: 1 hour 27 minutes
Sound: Dolby 5.1 & Stereo
Standard: NTSC (Region 0)
Language: English
Subtitles: Danish, English
Production year: 2012

Side A
1    Too Many People
2    3 Legs
3    Ram On
4    Dear Boy
5    Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
6    Smile Away
Side B
1    Heart Of The Country
2    Monkberry Moon Delight
3    Eat At Home
4    Long Haired Lady
5    The Back Seat Of My Car
Side C
1    Venus & Mars / Rock Show
2    Coming Up
3    Live And Let Die
4    Maybe I'm Amazed
Side D
1    Junk
2    Band On The Run


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