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Superior (Deluxe Edition)

Format: CD + DVD

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Superior was released in November 2008. This Deluxe Edition contains:
* The album Superior (CD) in an exclusive box set
* 28 page booklet
* A DVD containing a 30-minute documentary about the making of Superior.
(PLEASE NOTE: Language in Danish with no subtitles)

Superior features the crème de la crème of several years of songwriting. It was preceded by the release of the title track, which was "pick of the week" on Danish radio at the start of October 2008 and has since become a regular feature on playlists nationwide. The song Superior is vintage Christensen and can be considered a key to the album itself, as this track alone comprises a beautiful ballad, a classic rock song and a fascinating musical odyssey.

Superior is a tour de force in the noble art of songwriting. Twelve songs, each of which could easily have been drawn from "The Greatest Songs of All Time". The collection features classical and traditional, beautiful and accommodating, while finding room for challenging and experimental, too. From the brief One Of These Days, which manifesto-like opens the album and sets the tone, to the final note of Maggie My Dear, we've been on a wide-ranging voyage of discovery.

From the up-tempo Love Rears Its Ugly Head through the lightly groovy Hard To Make You Mine to heart-warming ballads such as As I Let You In and the drumless Wonder Of Wonders. This stands out slightly from Christensen's other ballads as he didn't compose it on a guitar, but on a piano, which is also the lead instrument on the track before being joined by an almost supernatural string section.

A world away is the majestic Follow My Lead, the album's long, epic track with wide-open lyrics in which the first person narrator lays his head down at night with complete peace of mind and unshakeable confidence that everything will be better from now on: "And when the moment comes along / That's when I will be strong / To feel afraid is more than ok / The angels are on my side / So tonight I'll rise."

1.    One Of These Days
2.    Hard To Make You Mine
3.    Superior
4.    Wonder Of Wonders
5.    Two Is A Crowd
6.    India
7.    As I let You In
8.    Tell Me What You Really Want
9.    Love Rears Its Ugly Head
10.    Song For Shelly
11.    Follow My Lead
12.    Maggie My Dear

The Making Of Superior
-    Behind the scenes interviews and footage


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