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Tim Christensen And The Damn Crystals

Format: CD

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1    The Damn Crystals
2    Surprise Me
3    Far Beyond Driven
4    Million Miles Away
5    Happy Ever After
6    I'll Let You Know
7    Love And Water
8    All Them Losers
9    Wiser
10  Never Be One Until We're Two

The slate was wiped clean when Tim Christensen returned from Japan in September 2010. After having established himself as a solo artist with three platinum albums he'd now obliged audience demands of a reunion of the 90's greatest Danish rock band. More than 50 concerts with Dizzy Mizz Lizzy had set him free: He didn't owe anyone anything.

The road lay open ahead of him, and it wasn't even paved. He could do exactly as he pleased. He could choose to walk it alone and record album number four solo, or he could gather a small team, set off and see where it'd lead him.

The choice wasn't difficult. He wanted to try something new. He wanted to record in a new manner, with a new co-producer and in a new studio. And equally important he wanted a dialogue about his music in the actual making. Because even if Tim Christensen in many ways is a man of tradition, he also knows that he needs to challenge himself in order to create the durable songs which in many ways have come to be his trademark.

The first thing Tim did was to establish a band. Or rather he named the team of musicians who'd played with him on the Superior tour in 2009, some of whom he'd been playing with for years, The Damn Crystals. It's guitarist
Lars Skjærbæk; Søren Koch on bass; Christoffer Møller on keys and drummer Jesper Lind.

And here it is - the result of the collective efforts in the studio - Tim Christensen And The Damn Crystal


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